iOS Testing

9 August 2018 Noose 0

I really wanted to jot this down as a brain dump before I go to sleep and my volatile memory wipes forever.  iOS testing is not the same beast as [more]

Android App Testing

19 February 2018 Noose 0

I’ve had to go to the four corners of the internet to find out this information, and I’d quite like to keep it in one place so I can refer [more]

Attacking Enterprise WPA2

11 January 2018 Noose 0

While this may not seem like a massive hack, it could serve a purpose for someone who was in the same boat as me the other day. Rather than say [more]

Pentesting Tools

13 December 2017 Noose 0

I wanted to make a list of the tools or things that I find most useful in the day job. Especially useful in time limited engagements where your only option [more]

Install Brave on Kali

1 December 2017 Noose 0

My new favourite browser is Brave. The new Firefox basically killed it for me, and Chrome knows enough about me. Still use Firefox ESR for testing, but I wanted something [more]

Why Apple?

21 October 2017 Noose 0

For a while as a photographer, Apple products were a very good fit for me. Great screen estate on the iMac 27 inch, and ran Lightroom and Photoshop with ease. [more]