Install Brave on Kali

1 December 2017 Noose 0

My new favourite browser is Brave. The new Firefox basically killed it for me, and Chrome knows enough about me. Still use Firefox ESR for testing, but I wanted something [more]

Penetration Testing Books 2017

21 March 2017 Noose 2

**UPDATE** 30-09-2017 I’d like to add an update to this list. I’ve grown somewhat jaded about the state of InfoSec books available to people at the moment. Some are great, [more]

OSCP – My journey

8 March 2017 Noose 0

  It will take time, effort, blood, sweat and tears, but I WILL GET THERE! It’s with great pleasure that I can say that on the 3rd March 2017, I [more]