Install Brave on Kali

My new favourite browser is Brave. The new Firefox basically killed it for me, and Chrome knows enough about me. Still use Firefox ESR for testing, but I wanted something that was simple. My main man Miguel Marques uses Brave and I liked the look and feel but wanted it not only on my Mac and phone, but in Kali too. So I went to work. No, it’s not just as simple as entering ‘apt install brave’

Brave won’t run as root, and using it in –no-sandbox mode is bad, and can throw up errors. I’ll likely expand on this tutorial so I get automatic updates, but for now this works.

wget -O brave.deb


apt install gdebi -y && gdebi brave.deb

I run chrome in Kali too but for that, you also need to run the browser as a user who isn’t root. I created a new limited user and then a script to run the browser as that user. I just called the user ‘braveuser’


gksu -u braveuser brave

Now if I want to run brave I just pass ./ in the command line. Works with Chrome too and you don’t get any errors about running as root or sandbox mode.

You may get a kernel error about userns so if that happens just run the command below:

echo ‘kernel_unprivileged_userns_clone=1’ > /etc/sysctl.d/00-local-userns.conf

Works in the latest Kali 2017.3 version at least.

Just a wee daft post really for reference.