Attacking Enterprise WPA2

11 January 2018 Noose 0

While this may not seem like a massive hack, it could serve a purpose for someone who was in the same boat as me the other day. Rather than say [more]

Wireless Hacking – WPA2

13 September 2017 Noose 0

I’m pretty sure there’s a million blog posts and videos online about how to hack a wireless access point with WPA2 encryption. I guess this is more of a reference [more]

Learning Wireless Testing

10 September 2017 Noose 0

A natural progression from doing OSCP for many would be to do OSWP. The wireless testing certification is often mentioned as being outdated and in some way labeled as being [more]

Problem solving

28 June 2017 Noose 0

Training to be a Pen Tester is very different to doing the job of a Pen Tester. No one, who is in the job can really give a new learner [more]

Don’t skip anything

23 May 2017 Noose 1

I’ve been a Junior Security Tester for nearly a month now. It’s been really good. It was scary to leave the comfort zone of being a hobbyist hacker, however, when [more]

OSCP // PWK – So far

26 August 2016 Noose 0

  30 days to go out of the 90 days of PWK lab time I purchased with Offensive Security. Mixed emotions really, because due to (helping) to plan my wedding, [more]